Acoustic Demo 1

by My Deer Friends

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released January 21, 2017



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My Deer Friends Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Untitled #1
Seven weeks stacking the calloused days upon the shelf
With the books you meant to start but never did
And it's this life that I've been chasing
through the banks and blurry visions
Just to find some sort of solace in the wind

And there's a ghost hanging around the foyer of this house
With a penchant for the souls too tired to live
He says, "your troubles are your troubles,
don't go finding someone else's"
Then he took the sheets off of his head and headed home

Every night kept in a solemn trace feels less alone
Until the threads in every thought begin to fray
And these halls that I've been pacing couldn't
calm my nervous tensions
So I got up and put those thoughts away to rest

Oh it's this feeling that you miss when you forgot it too
It's carried off into the static with the waves
It's in every crashing corner
every pane against the pavement
In every line that you can't hold to call your own

Heard sound unfold itself with every choice I've made
I had a chance to make this right but I caved in
So if there's any other way out
Then don't say it wasn't worth it
You've made your mess, now it's time that you go home
It's all been said, you just have to let this go